What our clients say

We work across a breadth of sectors with National, International and SME businesses in both the private and not-for-profit sectors.  We really value getting feedback from our clients and have presented some recent comments and feedback below 

"Kirsty was able to put me at ease very quickly, having not been coached before, I really didn't know what to expect. I found the experience to be extremely positive and beneficial and would recommend Kirsty in the future. She is focused, very professional and motivational. She has helped me identify what was preventing me from achieving my goals and I now feel like I am able to overcome any obstacles"

"Kirsty instils an aura of self-belief in the individual and continually probes and questions all aspects of your personal development. She makes you think outside of the box, is very probing, very perceptive, incredibly tenacious and gets you to feel great about yourself. It takes time and a great deal of effort but you feel you have achieved something at the end of each coaching session. "

"I have more self-confidence in my abilities. Am now more relaxed in acknowledging what is required of me in my professional role at work and I believe less stressed in dealing with daily requirements of Job. I now understand more about our business requirements and what is required to achieve them. Also feel more confident in being able to contribute more in Management and Board meetings"

"From a personal and business perspective, the benefit and impact of Kirsty's coaching has helped to reassure my ability to implement change at an organisational level and effectively establish a solid support structure whilst including associated team members as part of the planning. This has ultimately led to a clear realisation of my role within the company. "

"In a very short period of time, I believe I have progressed significantly towards my goals whilst working with Kirsty. Her direct approach helped me see alternative approaches and realistic actions which I could move forward with. I am more confident and comfortable in the focus of my role and how I can progress to achieve my personal objectives and that of the business "

"Kirsty was a very effective coach and very quickly gained my trust to allow focus on helping me move forward. She was able to quickly understand the business and expectations that exist, in order for these to be quickly progressed. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kirsty and am now feeling the benefit of the progress made whilst working with her "

""I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Kirsty. Specifically her challenging but friendly approach allows you to fully consider your particular development areas in detail without losing sight of the bigger picture. Overall my motivation has improved significantly and I would highly recommend Kirsty.""

"Kirsty pours her passion for leadership development and clear communication into her programmes. There is a great energy and honesty that is fostered in the workshops and I’ve been inspired to communicate more clearly with my team, been challenged on how I lead, and become more focused on what the important tasks are of running a successful organisation. Colin Hewitt, CEO Float"

"“I found the Gearing for Growth Program stimulating and invaluable. The opportunity to share issues and challenges with peers was both useful and insightful as the sharing often helped me to arrive at solutions on my own without input from the group or the coach. The one to one follow ups with Kirsty were also extremely useful as she doesn't give answers she guides towards finding your own answers which is the way executive coaching should work. I would thoroughly recommend this program for both new and experienced Executives who want to lead as opposed to manage their organisations.” Angus MacFadyen Pufferfish "

"“Kirsty Bathgate creates workshops that challenge and motivate CEOs like myself to examine their leadership styles and to look at ways in which we could lead better. I found the workshops to be a fantastic way to step out of the business, without having to spend too much time away, and to reflect on areas in which I could grow as a leader. It was useful to have a blend of both group sessions and one to ones. I also found that Kirsty Bathgate created an environment in which both CEOs and non-execs could be open and honest, which was very powerful in the context. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough to those looking to participate in future workshops” Alison Grieve, CEO G-Hold "

"“The sessions with Kirsty have been really useful. After each session I have come away with action points to implement, I’ve thought about new things, or I’ve thought about challenges in a new light that has allowed me to solve the problem. Kirsty is great at equipping you with the tools you need to fix your own problems and come to solutions by yourself. I can already see the benefits in my business of working with Kirsty.” Rebecca Pick, CEO Pick Protection "

"Kirsty’s coaching brings so much clarity around many of the Board level issues that CEOs face.  Being a CEO can be a lonely position and often at times I felt that I was overwhelmed with all the tasks that needed to be done to keep the business going.  Kirsty’s direct approach allowed me to see more clearly and that allowed me to channel my energy into the strategy of the business rather than getting swamped in the small detail of the day to day grind.  The courses that Kirsty delivers are fantastic and provided me with tools that I could use to install change and growth within the business, whilst at the same time managing my Board.  Not only have I met some incredible business people that Kirsty brought onto the courses to help coach the attendees, I have also made some excellent contacts with fellow CEOs who attended the course and therefore my support network has grown as a result too.” Yvonne Davies, CEO MOFgen "

"I’ve found the programme to be extremely valuable for encouraging me to analyse the role that I’m in and most of all, to take practicalsteps to improve its effectiveness. All delivered at a pace that kept me engaged and multiple layers of content to think about betweensessions. Discussing with the cohort generated lots of insights and was very enjoyable too.” “As for the coaching this was genuinely revelatory! Kristy’s questioning led me to find solutions where I thought none were possible a very effective technique and of huge practical help to me”. Catherine Breslin TTO Strathclyde University "