Development, Communication and Implementation

Once you have completed an analysis and review of your business, identifying your priorities, we can support you to build an effective action plan to develop, plan, communicate and implement an effective strategy for your business.
Each intervention is tailored to your specific business and the needs and priorities identified in the review.

Examples of Strategic Development and Implementations Projects

Culture and Values

Working with Senior teams to define the values and culture of their business and working throughout the organisation to support and facilitate the communication and engagement of the entire team to "living the values"

Structure and Roles
Supporting and facilitating the review and development of the structure and roles required for an SME IT business to meet it's vision and strategic plan and achieve significant growth. This was supported by Executive Coaching for each member of the senior team for a period of six months

Business, Financial and Performance Measures
Working with a Senior Team within a business to review and identify key business drivers and effective measurements which would allow the senior team to play a more strategic role within the business while being better informed and being able to make more informed and effective decisions. This included working with the teams within the organisation to understand what really needed to be measured to give effective and adequate information.

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