Creating a Coaching Culture

Would you like your people to be engaged and motivated?

Would you like your people to take ownership and responsibility and deliver the business outcomes your desire?

Would you like to make the most of the talent within your organisation?

Would you like to reduce duplication of effort?

Would you Like to Grow your business and your profits?

Although many organisations would like to believe their managers use a coaching approach to leading, managing and developing their people the reality is that in practice this is a rare.

 More often than not managers will engage telling as a way to delegate and develop their people and some form of command and control leadership or at the other end of the scale abdication when leading their teams. This can be down to lack of training and development of managers in the past or people being promoted for their “technical” expertise and then being expected to be a “good manager” without being given development in this area.

Not only is the recall for being told something only 10% 3 months after being told, individuals’ creativity is often stifled or lost, people become disengaged and feel no ownership for the outcome of a task or project. They have done as they were asked or told so they have done their bit, if it hasn’t worked the responsibility lies with the person who gave them the instructions and therefore a blame culture can develop. In addition it also often builds a reliance on managers and if anything reduces rather than builds confidence.

It is widely recognised that using a coaching approach to managing and leading people promotes learning and ownership, encourages individuals’ creative abilities and allows people to work to their strengths to produce the desired effective outcomes the business is seeking.

Coaching someone in their role to come up with their own solutions creates a far better and longer lasting learning than simply telling someone to do something or worse still telling them what to do and how to do it.

 In a culture where it is normal for people to be told what to do there are also usually over-worked managers who find little time to spend on the important things they should be focussing on and instead are taken up with day to day issues their team should be handling and are generally frustrated with their people.

Key Benefits of Developing a Coaching Culture

 ~ Desired business outcomes achieved more often and more effectively

~ Reduced duplication of effort

~  More innovation

~ More upward feedback

~  Change is welcomed and sought

~  More effective honest and open communication

~  Less fire-fighting and more strategic thinking

~  More effective managers focussed on the important areas

~  More effective, motivated and engaged staff

How We Can Help You

We offer a tailored programme to assist your organisation to support your  leaders and managers in:-

~  Understanding different leadership Styles

~ Understanding the benefits of taking a coaching approach to management and leadership

~  Understanding how to use a coaching approach as an ongoing management tool and style

~  Real listening skills, listening to understand

~  Good questioning skills

~  Practical tools to put this into practice

~  Forming a coaching solution to a current issue or problem


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