Coaching for High Performance and Future Success Corporate

Coaching for High Performance and Future Success 

At Gearing for Growth we work with businesses that want to be ahead of the game. Preparing their people to develop and lead in anticipation of growth and change as opposed to catching up once these are underway and time is scarce. You will have a real desire to attract, retain and develop talent and a genuiune belief in the advantages this brings.

What makes us different is that we focus on the business as well as the individuals. We work in partnership with our client companies to fully understand their business as a whole, including their vision, values, strategy and challenges. We support them to maximise the opportunities that growth and
change can bring and to empower their teams, to achieve the business’s strategy, objectives and ambitions.

We work with successful, established and high potential leaders in fast-growing businesses who are doing well, want to continue to improve and be ready for the changes that either business growth or their next stage of development will bring. They are ambitious, want to make a real difference and are keen to get the best out of themsleves and their people. We support them to achieve peak performance and to be their best.

We look not only at the people we coach but the people they work with and for, the culture and environment in order to gain a full picture. This ensures that when these individuals are supported, through our executive coaching programmes to deliver and exceed their objectives, they are also able to anticipate future challenges and deliver solutions while moving forward in and with the organisation.

Critical Success Factors for Coaching for Performance and Success

You are a successful business with a drive for growth and an agenda for change.
    - You want to maximise the benefit of future growth preparing your people in advance
    - You want your people, your greatest asset to be the best they can be. Maximising their development, creativity, talents and strengths for the benefit of the business and themselves
    - You want to attract, reatin and develop talent, enusring succession planning and future growth are never issues
    - You are clear on your core values and what these mean for the business, its people, customers and suppliers.

They want to make the most of themselves, their business and their people
    - They are ambitious, have a drive for success and an agenda for change
    - They want to be prepared in advance for change, business growth or their next role
    - Thier own values are closely aligned to those of the business
    - They have a willingness to take calculated risks and execute actions

Specifically tailored for each individual and adapt with the business.
    - Aligned with the business to ensure business success from individual’s success. 
    - Focussed on supporting individuals to generate lasting solutions to their current and future challenges and deliver or exceed their business objectives.
    - Embedding learning and change through devoted time and action.

Key Benefits

    - Engaged workforce anticipating and driving change to drive growth to the bottom line
    - Improved team working, ownership and communication, reducing duplication of effort and waste
    - More effective leadership throughout the organisation, meaning skills are better utilised
    - You team, maximising opportunities increasing revenue, margin, profit, customer satisfaction and productivity
    - Measureable results against your business strategy

    - Follows their agenda and learning style maximising and building on their strengths
    - Focus on business objectives and results
    - Builds their ongoing ability to anticipate challenges and find solutions
    - Supports them to be a more effective and able leader
    - Supports them to increase performance and results
    - Leaves them prepared for change, business growth or further advancement
Supports a better work life balance

Return on Investment / Business Value

Individual Value and Change
The main areas where people have reported personal improvement and value have been:-
    - Increased confidence and improved communication skills
    - The ability to take a more strategic perspective of the overall business
    - Improved leadership ability and the ability to use more lateral thinking and "out of the box" approaches
    - Improverd influencing, time management and being able to challenge more effectively
Examples of Business Value Created
    - Increase in sales in established business of 36%
    - New contract wins of sevent figure value
    - Retention of key people saving significant costs and increasing value
    - Significant improvement in customer service and retention
    - Increased net margins
What next – Free Strategy Review Session

Could preparing your key people and developing your top talent give you the competitive edge that you’re looking and keep you ahead of the game?
To explore if working with us is right for your business please call us on 07425 629816 or email to request a free Strategy Review Session.