Director Services

director services

Non-Executive Director

You may be looking for an objective sounding board with commercial experience to join your board to bring an external objective viewpoint.
More and more companies are looking to balance their boards with wide range of skills and experience and a balance in leadership types within the board.

Interim Director
You may be looking to bring in expertise to work in an executive role for a short period of time during periods of change or expansion.
Bringing in expertise to achieve specific goals for a short period of time can be very effective in delivering results for your business and give you time to find the right long-term solution, knowing that area is being led well in the meantime.

Examples of Why You may Use an Interim Director
Lead and develop an existing team
Build and develop a new team
Re-structure and recruit for a key business area
Devise a strategy and structure required to meet key business goals for a business area
Develop the skills of your existing team
Drive new initiatives

 We have provided both of these services to clients and would be happy to meet to discuss your specific requirements.